Select your IN-SEASON clothes. Make sure everything is freshly cleaned and pressed. The better the clothes look, the more you will make! Clothes sell only IN-STYLE. If you bought it new within the last year, it's probably fine. Simply drop off your clothes, we will go through them and get back to you by the next day. Classy Closet sets the selling price. When an item sells, you receive 40% of the selling price. SEE YOU SOON!!


ENCINITAS/SAN MARCOS - Classy Closet Consignment, with two locations in Encintas, CA and San Marcos, CA offers buyers and sellers great opportunities to build their community and their wardrobes. Our stores help to recycle fashionable clothes for women who like to enjoy the latest styles at a discount. Sellers are able to recoup some of their purchase price by bringing in their slightly used clothes and earning 40% of our customers' purchase price. Our customers benefit from getting a considerable discount, thus enabling them to buy a nearly-new wardrobe that they may otherwise not be able to afford. Both are happy to be able to help the environment by not preventing excess clothing from being disposed as garbage.

Sellers who haven't used women's consignment shops before will love dealing with the shop owner, who previously owned a children's clothing boutique. Knowledgeable in the business, we will put women who wish to sell used clothes at ease, getting back to them the day after they bring clothes in with information about the pricing. With high standards for herself and her store, as well as the desire to help sellers get the most for their used designer clothing, she asks that sellers bring their clothes freshly cleaned and pressed to give them the best chance of selling quickly at a good price. This also helps her to keep customers - and, by extension, sellers - coming back because it helps to maintain the consignment shop's image as second hand, not second class.

Buyers will love coming in for second-hand clothes because this is more than other typical used clothing stores. Classy Closet Consignment sells clothing that is still in fashion and has only slightly been used. While other consignment shops mostly have clothing that is best used for lounging or when looking good is not your top priority, this shop offers you the opportunity to find clothing that is appropriate for more important occasions, such as dances, weddings, galas, and Christenings. Whereas clothing from consignment shops may be more used, and thus leave you feeling ill at ease because your clothes do not look new, clothes from the Classy Closet Consignment will give you the confidence to walk in with your head held high knowing that the clothes you have on have probably only been worn once or twice before, not much more than they were when they were hanging up in the store a few months earlier at full price.

The quality of this shop is such that many of its sellers often become buyers. Conveniently located in Encinitas, this store is perfect for women who are concerned about being seen in the same dress twice but don't want to buy a new outfit every time they go to an upscale event or a night on the town. With high quality, only slightly used clothing, this women's consignment shop makes it easy and affordable for women to feel like a million dollars when they're only spending a few.

The clothing in this women's consignment shop may be second hand, but the service most definitely is not. Classy Closet Consignment's customers rave about the helpfulness of the staff, which is complimented perfectly by their acute eyes for fashion. Whether you go in knowing exactly what you're looking for, or you're just going in to have a look around, you will find the staff much more ready, willing and able to help you than those in other used clothing stores. We keep abreast of what is available in the store, so if you have an idea of what you're looking for, the staff will help you find it. If not, they are more than ready to help you pick out something that will have heads turning when you make your entrance at your next event.

Although most customers come in for just an outfit or two for the next big occasion, this women's consignment shop is also great for those who need to build or rebuild their wardrobes. One great example would be for a woman who just got a new job and needs more outfits that would be appropriate for her new position. If that's you, come on in to find clothes that will help give you the confidence you need to take on your new responsibilities. Another great example would be women who have recently gained or lost weight and don't want to blow the budget restocking their closets.

Whether you're looking to sell used clothes, buy some designer styles at a discount, or both, the ladies of Classy Closet Consignment are here to help. We can work with you to get the most out of the clothes you've already worn, dress to impress at that next big event, or restock your wardrobe completely. If you live in Encinitas or San Marcos, come on in to have a look and talk with us about what we have to offer.